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  Works with STiK under GEM, WDIALOG.PRG not needed. Supports DCC and seems well­featured.
  platform: Atari
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Extract from the AtarIRC home page follows

ome features: ** Notes **
About StringServer:

What is StringServer?
It's an advanced AV_Server which performs certain tasks based on the "string" that is passed to it. The task that is performed is defined in the configuration of StringServer itself. The "string" could be almost anything, but certain ideas come to mind such as web URL's, FTP links, TELNET links, and E-Mail addresses.

aIRC supports StringServer and once everything is properly configured you can double-click on such items directly in the client window.

How do I use StringServer with aIRC?
In the 'System' setup window where it says "Browser name:" simply enter the file name (STRNGSRV) of StringServer. Normally you would enter the file name of your web browser, but for StringServer to work you must put the file name of StringServer here instead. StringServer can pass the URL's onto CAB so it should work just as it did before.

Now all you need to do is configure StringServer. Please see the documentation that comes with StringServer for further information on setup. :-)

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