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  Runs with both AmiTCP and as225/inet225 without additional support libraries.
  platform: Amiga
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An extract from the Amirc web site follows

AmIRC was the first VaporWare application to be shown to the Amiga world. Its author, Oliver Wagner, has worked too many late nights on the program to count, and continues to update it to this day.

AmIRC's main strengths lie in its interface - it's one of the easiest IRC clients to use on any platform, yet it also keeps the power users happy with advanced ARexx scripting and its ability to use compiled executeable plugins. It also features a URL grabber to capture any URLs mentioned in any channels or query windows, a lag-o-meter to measure your system's lag from the server, and strong builtin flood protection including a staggered output queue to stop you flooding yourself off the server.

Please remember, AmIRC is shareware. If you use it, please register the software and help support Amiga software development.

  • Low Level Plugin API
  • Single Window Iconification
  • Lag-o-meter shows lag from the server
  • Individual window logging
  • Intuitive channel window with userlist and mode display.
  • Builtin high speed DCC drivers, incl. Secure Chat.
  • ARexx port includes event trapping.
  • Builtin IdentD, disables itself if needed.
  • Bind sound effects, auto deiconify or ARexx to events.
  • Last nick history, TAB key cycles through.
  • URL grabber saves any URLs to send to your web browser.
  • Filters out mIRC color codes.
  • 30 minute time limit (removed upon registration).

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